10 tips for a perfect wedding

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10 tips for a perfect wedding

Every bride wants a ‘movie wedding’. Design it to measure, follow the advice of a wedding planner.

The planning of a wedding takes months of work, the list to outline is long, from the big decisions, like the location, the type of ceremony, the decoration, the style, etc .; to the small details that also mark the difference. Get the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, whether romantic, minimal, classic, bohemian … it’s possible, you just have to keep this simple decalogue that an expert, Sira Antequera, from Sí! I want

1. Define your wedding: It’s easy if you ask the right question: what do I want? The answer only depends on you. From here you can go profiling the wedding with consistency, according to your tastes and personality. This is … Your wedding!barcelona wedding //barcelona wedding venues

2. Structure your wedding from the foundations: You have to put the pillars before anything, then you can think about the details. The main thing is to decide where, what is the site of your dreams. Choose it thinking also of the comfort of the guests.

3. Take care of the catering and the menu: In Spain, there is a varied and quality gastronomic offer. For this reason, the wedding menu is one of the main points to consider. Try to keep the initial budget for the menu and be able to respect what is planned for other aspects of the wedding.

4. Good timing is essential: Manage times well. Let there be no waiting and no rush. The ideal is a balance and that the day flows naturally. In the end, this factor is what makes a wedding unforgettable.

5. Create the atmosphere with the lights: The environment resides in the lighting and can be of many types: decorative, in the case of facades or gardens; focal, when creating points of attention; nuanced on the tables; creative in the party area, etc. All this in harmony defines the atmosphere of the wedding as well as the rest of the decoration (floral, furniture, crockery …).

6. Keep a timeless look: Fashion is ephemeral. How will the hay bales look like a seat in ten years? Do not obsess over fashions and be true to yourself. Opt for a decoration in harmony with your style. The details are the icing on the cake provided they are chosen with care and consistency, and are of quality.

7. Say yes to live music: At the ceremony, during the cocktail, dinner, for the dance … Live music creates atmosphere, envelops us and prepares us physically to share emotions. This can be one of those decisions that positively surprise your guests.

8. Bet for naturalness: Goodbye to the rigidity of other times. Today the success lies in a relaxed protocol, maintaining this spirit throughout the wedding, you will enjoy to the maximum all, both you and the guests.

9. Say yes to dance classes: Is not dancing your strong point? With a few classes, in addition to releasing tensions, you will learn the necessary steps to open the dance, subtracting stress reasons for the big day.

10. Hire a Wedding Planner: It guarantees a good design in harmony with your personality, an adequate and professional planning, and tranquility on the day of the wedding. Make sure you choose well. Besides having a Wedding Planner does not mean that you can not get involved in the organization, but you can participate as much as you want.