13 trends and wedding styles

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13 trends and wedding styles that we will see in 2018 (and that will never go out of style)

They are here to stay. We discovered 17 trends and must-have wedding styles that will be imposed in 2018. Do not miss them!

As indispensable as your wonderful wedding dress that you have discovered in that small atelier, your exclusive bridal shoes or that beautiful wedding dress that your boy will wear, is to organize your wedding taking into account the current trends. So that you and your partner know what you are going to wear during 2018, take note of trend trends and styles. Sure you will love them

1.Triunfo of the botanical tendency
2018 will be the year of the botanical trend at weddings. Flowers, flowers and more flowers and also all kinds of plants will be the maxi protagonists giving a multicolored touch to the happiest day of your life. The banquet, the party, the cocktail, the bride … will be dressed with bouquets, flower centers, bouquets or gigantic plants that will flood the wedding branding.

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2. The blackboard remains
The blackboards or weddings are the stars in the bridal decoration. And in 2018 they will continue shining with their own light, at the signature tables, on the dance floor, the photocall, the menu, the seating plan or the buffet … The slates are perfect as wedding posters, because they are very Useful to indicate to the guests a lot of things. If you like them, you will find sure inspiration in decoration ideas for weddings.

3. Garlands with pennants
It seems incredible that something so delicate is capable of giving so much beauty and personality. The garlands of pennants will have an indisputable role at the wedding of 2018, because they are an economical, simple and fast decoration. They can be paper (precious paper) or fabric, smooth and patterned. A good idea? Do not forget the customizable pennants: they can carry your names, messages …corporate events barcelona

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4. Day balloons and oriental lanterns at night
For daytime weddings, a release of 100% biodegradable balloons, colors and different sizes is essential. For weddings at night, throwing lit oriental lanterns into the air will create a wonderful light show.

5. The beauty corner arrives
A corner of beauty so that your mothers, cousins, sisters and all friends can touch up during the wedding at any time. Celebrities even have a make-up artist in their beauty corner waiting for the guests.

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6. Survival kits
They are small boxes or bags that hide the essential things that can come well at some point during the wedding. They usually include a bottle of water, refreshing wipes, some ibuprofen or paracetamol, hairpins, bandages, gum, thread and needle, paper fans …

7. Recenas at midnight
Offer a minibruch when twelve o’clock at night, while the guests have fun dancing. They can be simple churros with chocolate, petits fours or sophisticated canapés and light snacks.

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8. Geodes and minerals
The geodes are cavities in which minerals have crystallized, such as quartz or agate. These little treasures and other minerals are a must at the 2018 wedding. The crystals, quartz and agates in pink and blue and purple tones can be a source of inspiration to create your invitations or in the decoration of the banquet. You can even imitate the texture of the minerals in the cake, in some dish of the menu, and use hanging quartz to indicate the names of the guests.

9. Industrial aesthetics
Old factories of the nineteenth century, wine cellars, textile colonies … A wedding in these environments worn by time and such theatrical lighting will break molds. Can you imagine the entrance to the banquet in these retro atmospheres: you with your princess-cut wedding dress accompanied by one of those showy wreaths and your husband with that brand-new and elegant Hugo Boss wedding suit? Unforgettable!

10. A relaxing chill-out
If your wedding is going to last many hours, you and the guests will be grateful to be able to relax in a chill-out area. Armchairs, puffs, large cushions, dim lighting, background music, inspiring aromas and much, much tranquility.

11. The best wedding hashtag
Younger guests will surely love posting photos of your wedding on their favorite social networks. It is a good idea to create your perfect hashtag, share content and go see what happens with the

12. Not without my pet
The wedding of 2018 give absolute prominence to pets. They will be dressed for the occasion and the bride and groom will participate at some point in the ceremony, for example, to bring the rings to the altar.

13. The new dresscode