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Manual to plan a gay wedding: this was my experience

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Andrea married Diana on May 21, 2016 in Guadalajara.

We share the story of how you planned your wedding together with some very good tips for those and those who are also going to get married and do not know where to start.


1. If you do not want to suffer, hire a planner:
It seems to me that the difference between whether or not planning, whether gay or not, is to have a good planner.

With Pei, our planner, everything was on time; We did not get out of the quote that we did, except for some things we add.

We leave you contact (it is gay and planner of orders and weddings) in case you need it.

2. No tradition is mandatory:
Another thing that we had very clear was that we did not have to follow any tradition, we could do things in our own way.

We asked some friends to make us a ceremony to marry us symbolically.

We do not dance waltzes with the parents or anything … total, why we “heteronormar” so much.

We ordered some wireless microphones and we sang / danced the “You’re Still The One” by Shania Twain. Right afterwards to open the track, we dance Chichí Peralta “Love Narcotic”.

Before that, I played drums, I presented some songs with my friend Moskar. After that, as usual, you let people “scratch you smell you” and have fun.

Basically it is worth doing what you want, it’s your wedding.

3. Consider different budgets:
I fortunately had the support of my parents. However, other people do not have it.

It is important to know how much you are going to have in the budget and if they will have to pay for themselves.

We had the ideal plan and the “B” plan if no one wanted to help pay for the wedding … the “A” plan was 130 people and the “B” about 30-50.


4. Find the positive side to everything:
The advantage of having bad luck that many people do not support you is that you do not have to invite people you do not want just for family commitments.

Our wedding was 130 people, of which almost all were of our age: close friends, cousins ​​…

That makes all the difference, because the people that go is the one who knows them closely and is happy to marry.

5. The food:
It was very relaxed, it was that you turned to a bar to serve you.

There were mini hamburgers, mini hot dogs, mini cochinite jackets, mini pozole, mini scallops, mini cakes drowned and clear, mini salads (you have to consider if there are vegetarian people). Of trasnochado there were tacos.

What most told us after the wedding is that the food was delicious and usually that lacks much at weddings.

People liked the relaxed “wave”.

6. The decoration:
Our same furniture was “not traditional”; some were long planks, others smaller and taller, others were rooms.

Flowers are the most expensive things … Pei, our planner, recommended using foliage and doing everything green / rustic so as not to spend the silly flowers … obviously, if you want roses or “suck” with orchids everywhere , because they’re going to drop it.

There are a thousand ways to make it look pretty and not so expensive.

7. The branch:
For the branch, we made a choreography based on the famous performance of Madonna, Britney and Cristina from “Like a Virgin”.

Both men and women were invited to fuck him and we took it together.

8. Tip to hold the party:
Having a designated waiter that chases you with water so that you do not push yourself and harsh the whole party.

From the nerves you get up triple rapidly and then it is not cool to be the first to die.

9. How to handle “+1”?
Design a system. We asked ourselves 4 questions.

Do we know the +1?
Do we fall well?
Have they been in more than 1 year?
Is it a formal relationship? Do you live together
It was not necessary to pass the 4 filters, but then you realize when it is someone you want in your wedding or not.

And it is worth putting your bunches, it’s your day finally … you do not have to fit well with anyone.

10. Do not be disregarded and inaccessible with your guests:
I said no inaccessible rules; for example, in the dress code. Applies also for brides / brides.

Obviously the code is like in any event and is defined much by the weather and the place.

We put on a suggestion guayabera men and women short dress … but there was who asked me if I could wear the women’s costume and then I have no problem with that.

It’s a taste, but the more comfortable people are, the more they dance.

If your wedding is in a retired place, it is good to have a hostel close to the people.

11. Possible problems and additional advice:
Emotional: lack of support from one side of the family.
How to decide who you are on the list and who you take is always complicated.
If you can give a wide margin to plan (6 months to 1 year), you will avoid a lot of stress.
Do not be afraid of “salir”