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They will keep you from going crazy and will help you organize your wedding step by step.

We know that this day is one of the most important in your life, and that you want everything to go perfectly. For that, it is necessary to organize everything with a lot of time in advance, but sometimes that stresses us and makes us nervous. Technology gives tools that make our lives easier. For this reason, we decided to do a search and chose the five best apps that will help you with the planning of your wedding.

1. The knot
It is very easy to use since it contains all the activities and the indispensable elements that you need. It is managed by a series of steps where they are organized from the first ideas, until the realization of the event. In addition, on the main page there is a countdown to the big day, you can activate notifications, keep track of your budget and store photos and contacts of your suppliers.


2. Appy couple
Suddenly when the date approaches, the guests have doubts and forgotten dates, and it is difficult to have contact with everyone. The app is created for them, it serves to share images, calendars, reservations, whether they are hotels or airline tickets, notifications, etc. The coolest thing is that you can answer all the questions you have at the time.


3. Pinterest
When planning an event it is essential to have sources of inspiration, to have ideas or simply to see what is in fashion this year. Here a large number of images appear, which will make your imagination fly and thus you can create the day of your dreams.


4. Tiffany ring app
The groom always has a hard time choosing the perfect ring. The brand found the solution to this problem. He created an app, which allows you to try it virtually, all you have to do is take a photo at the bride’s hand and upload it. Afterwards, a series of different models and styles will appear that you can choose one by one to see which one is best for you.


5. Wedpics
Sometimes, the photographer fails to capture every moment or the bride was not present in many events, the only ones who know what happened and have memories of it are the guests. This app serves to connect with your family and friends, and thus be able to exchange content, whether photos or comments. You will have a lot of fun knowing all the things that happened so funny and you did not even know.

barcelona venues