How to save at a wedding

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How to save at a wedding

Celebrating a wedding costs money and I think that everyone is aware of that. It will be one of the most beautiful days of your life together and it is important to make the appropriate decisions, especially if you have a limited budget.

I have been in the world of weddings for more than 5 years thanks to my blog and today I dedicate myself, as you already know, to organize weddings in collaboration with Weddings with Love and I am professionally officiating civil weddings. Every day I see and read a lot and I have found some very bad advice to save at a wedding.

The truth is that I get very angry when I see that the advice involves things like not hire a photographer, limit the free bar, sell things you do not need etc etc. I firmly believe that it is possible to save a lot of money without having to dispense with some of the suppliers that I consider essential to enjoy a perfect wedding.

I leave you with my tips that will help you with the key question of today “How to save money at a wedding?” Without dispensing with important services.


The first step is to choose the date for the big day. When my husband and I were promised we decided to plan the wedding more than 18 months in advance. Why? To give us time to start saving. We defined a monthly amount that we knew we could set aside and for 18 months we were saving intensively for the wedding, extra payments included.


If you are clear about when to start with the search for every detail that will be part of your wedding and when to start looking for suppliers, I assure you that you will save a lot of money. It will give you time to find offers, whether they are launched by the professionals themselves or those you can find by attending wedding fairs.

You can find a list of tasks to organize your wedding in the post I wrote a few years ago. I recommend you to write down the tasks in an agenda. An example: if you get married in June you should start in November of the previous year with the search of the trip, the music (DJ, orchestra, …) and the alliances since they are things that you need to do with about 6-8 months in advance of your wedding.



If you have flexibility for dates, a good way to save on expenses for your wedding is to choose a less requested date. The high season is from May to September and parties such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Most providers, especially catering, have very advantageous offers for couples who are willing to get married on the off-season dates. Have you seen our big question about how to save at a wedding, have more and more answers?


Last year we published a study on how much a wedding really costs and we could see that a wedding with 100 guests can cost about € 16,534, depending on the province where you celebrate it. Of course this is only an average and each wedding is different.

More than half of the budget for your wedding will go to catering. Reducing this budget implies reducing the list of guests as a first step. Avoid the “compromise” guests (both yours and your parents) and focus on the closest family and friends. I know it is a sensitive issue but I would say that limiting the number of children also helps (no one is offended, porfi).



A great way to save a little in the decoration of your wedding is to make your own things. In our blog you can find many ideas of wedding crafts that can help you. For the seating plan, the sign table, the table centers and other corners, restore old furniture or take advantage of elements that you already have at home. In this section we have a very popular article: The 5 DIY Templates for a Wedding.



Instead of buying a bespoke wedding suit (which can cost around € 600 – € 800), choose to rent it or buy it in stores like El Corte Ingles. You can find a nice suit for € 150.

In the case of women, I know it is a more delicate issue but I also know that there are many women who consider it a dress that will only take a few hours. If you want to save on the wedding dress, you can do it by taking advantage of sales at outlets, thrift stores or even rent your wedding dress.



The invitations, the waiters, the minutes, the thank-you cards are essential elements and are part of all weddings. A good way to save is to design them yourself and print them at home. I understand that this is not easy for everyone and that is why I have created several downloadable designs myself.

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