I guess! How to organize a wedding?

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First of all I ENHORABUENA AMIGA, if this is the year you decided to be home … Congratulations! You are waiting for months full of magic, love and crazy, but fun, preparations. And so that we are going to deceive you, also of nerves, decisions and a lot of pressure. It is important to set a calendar and put everything into an agenda so that we can not escape Nothing at all!event venue barcelona

To help you a little bit the task is going to make you a list of steps so that planning your wedding is as simple as possible.

How to organize a wedding?
Set one day
This date will mark everything behind. Sometimes, depending on where you want to get married, it may be that the date is established by the availability of the place. Keep your mind open but do not change but you have a clear reason!

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Set a budget and guest list.
At first it will look like the longest list in history, but little by little it reduces who you really want to accompany you on your big day. I unite both lists and you will see that it is not so difficult.

Your budget will help you trim if it’s needed at guests or to determine the vendors.

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Choose a wedding planner
You already know that we will be happy to make your wedding! You can contact us at holaquetal@bodasdecuento.com! 😉

Choose a place and catering
It is the most important vendor because if you have availability you may have to change the date, as we mentioned before. The place will mark many aspects of decoration and theme of the wedding. And we all know that food is usually one of the most important issues in a wedding!

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Make invitations and … deliver them!
It’s the great moment: it’s super-emotional to see the faces of your guests when starting this path with you. Enjoy it!

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Choose the video and video equipment
Other important vendors are photo and video: your memories will go hand in hand with these professionals. Choose well!

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Define a moodboard for your wedding
Call him moodboard, call him inspiration … It will help you give him the special touch you want for your wedding!

Choose the other vendors
Depending on the wedding they will be one or the other: florists, decoration, rent of material, cake, DJ, lighting …


Still with doubts? Do not miss THE AGENDA OF OUR WEDDING! The agenda that helps you plan your wedding step by step and … we have written from Weddings of Story with all our love and contributing our experience of these 8 years as wedding planners!event venue in barcelona