New living together? Organize your married life from scratch

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New living together? Organize your married life from scratch

Once they start living together, they will realize that there are many tasks to organize and many functions to distribute.

During the wedding you were the kings of the party dancing among elegant evening dresses. Everyone went out of their way for you to have an incredible time and they filled you with compliments telling you how beautiful they looked in your wedding dress and morning dress. On the honeymoon they dedicated themselves to enjoy and rest contemplating the engagement ring, which is already accompanied by an alliance. But they came down from the cloud, they came back to reality and began their life as a couple. How to organize if they are new living together?

If they did not live together before the wedding or, although there is still no wedding, they have just started to share a house, there may be tasks and responsibilities that they have not contemplated. Let’s do it; It may seem complicated, but with good communication and planning, your home will be as harmonious as you dreamed and will start on the right foot.

Tie agendas

One of the most important points of life as a couple is the planning of time. Both must be made as people and meet the dimensions that make them up: have a life as a couple, professional, social and family.

Therefore, they should be very clear and open to establish the times they will devote to each of these aspects: it is worth a night of girls and a night of friends to talk about the events of the week, but what day will they choose?

Or, for example, what days will you spend eating with your parents and in-laws? Do not forget that they are a fundamental part of your life. And above all, what days will you dedicate to cleaning and organizing your new home? Not everything is written in stone, so they can do different tests until they find a dynamic with which they feel comfortable.

Domestic finance

The domestic economy should be a very simple point. However, it can be delicate if it is not established by common agreement. If both work and contribute to household finances, they should be clear, with what amount or percentage they will contribute and how they will divide payments for services such as electricity, water, telephone, internet, pantry, vehicles, rent or mortgage.

Do not forget holidays, future goals, personal expenses, the weekly appointment where you go out to dinner, to dance or to the cinema to break the routine and exchange short love thoughts or clothes and all tastes that month after month imply a sum to the budget.

Another option is for one of you to be the administrator of the payments and expenses, but both of you should feel comfortable with the agreement they have reached. Of course they can also make changes if they see that they are not following the budget or that it needs to be adjusted. At the end of the day, all the reviews of the wedding budget, the management of the quotes of the suppliers and the adjustments to the prices of the wedding cakes will have them quite trained.

Your new personal space

Once installed in the new home, they will have to define together what environment and decoration they want to print in their couple space. The personalization of your love nest will excite you very much: now you will make your decisions according to your taste and style.

Define how they will use each area of ​​the house and even how they will divide the bedrooms and closets. It is common for women to demand more space for the collection of long party dresses and shoes; no way, in some you win and in others you lose. But try to be complacent and reach mutual agreements. These first negotiations will mark the beginning of life as a couple and they will remember it with a lot of affection.


Divide the chores of the house according to your preferences, whether each person does different tasks such as taking care of laundry, dishes, bathrooms, preparing food and cleaning in general. Maybe one is more creative for the kitchen and another is more thorough cleaning the dust.

Or they might prefer to take turns so that they both do different things each week. Depending on their schedules, someone can take care of preparing the lunches and arriving home the other takes care of the dinner.

It is not necessary to be an expert in the kitchen: start with simple dishes, ask for grandma’s recipes and try new things. Little by little, they will acquire the necessary experience to prepare desserts as sophisticated as those at the wedding candy table; the important thing is to be fair. If the two support each other with chores, it will be easier, because your home has certain needs to function properly.

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