Outdoor weddings

12 September, 2018 | By bestwedding | 0 Comments

Outdoor weddings are among the most demanded by the couple. We tell you some secrets to make it perfect.
outdoor wedding decoration
Photo: Gregory Ross (Via: Ruffled Blog)

It seems a lie but the spring has arrived. This station is synonymous with weddings since it is one of the favorites for the couple because the good weather begins to emerge. From the ceremony (if it is civil) to the open bar, everything can happen in the open air under a sunny sky that is gradually filling up with stars. Bucolic, right? So that everything goes perfect we give you some infallible advice.

The first is first and prevention is better than cure … So let’s not leave anything to chance and choose a place that offers a garden but also an interior room to have a plan B in case it rains. You know, the weather is unpredictable and as far as the organization of the wedding is concerned everything must be left very well tied.

Another ideal option is to use tents or take advantage of spaces in the venue such as greenhouses. The tents can be transparent to continue enjoying the starry sky, as if the greenhouse is fully glazed. Yes, give much prominence to the floral decoration.

he celebration begins with a unique and spectacular setting. You will not need many elements, with flowers and a bow will suffice. Yes, do it according to the rest of the decoration since, unless there are very different spaces, the fundamental thing is that all the decoration maintains the same line. If you want to give a rustic touch you can use wooden benches, bales of hay …


If the interior decoration is important, it is even more so on the outside. This is because the spaces are usually wide and it is necessary to do it in a showy way. For the aperitif, you can put drinks stands (especially if it is going to be very hot) in detail decorated for the occasion. To not break with the aesthetics of the field or the garden, use materials such as wood is perfect.

Use imperial tables taking advantage of space. Decorate them following the same patterns as the rest of the wedding: natural elements, DIY fabrics (like macramé), woods, flowers …

If your wedding is afternoon, you can not leave the guests under minimum light. It will be essential that you take into account the possibilities offered by the place and if not look for alternatives such as candles, different types of light bulbs, garlands …

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