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BBC alert! This is the same as the strawberry or orange season. With the arrival of spring, a delicate season starts up in which weddings, baptisms and communions saturate us in our day to day life. That if this Sabbath we have the communion of our cousin, that if on Friday night we have the wedding of some friends …
And what do I get? That is the question we ask all men, who initially tend to overwhelm us because the situation overcomes us. We usually leave everything for the last minute and even worse, there are people who relegate the commitment to acquire styling for their family or friends for that day.

We ourselves know each other and although the help of someone outside is good, we must be those interested in dressing well and, above all, staying well in such a special and close event like this. Then we find the price problem Why all the costumes are so expensive? Here we show you how to dress for the “BBC” and not die in the attempt!

Each event has its dresscode
The dresscode of an event is how to dress to go to that place. The standard structure of a BBC is to wear a half-label and that is why we will understand the jacket suit with a tie or bow tie. But of course, it is usually not going to see an established “norm” and we can decide what to put ourselves in complete freedom.

For example, depending on the time of day we can choose how to dress. Maybe if we do not want to wear a jacket, in a baptism or communion that usually is for the day, it will be much more justified and correct. Instead, for the afternoon or evening we must make the effort to dress up at least half a label.

Baptism ideas

Perhaps of these three events, the baptism is the opportunity to take our side more casual and casual always within aesthetic limits and in agreement with the occasion. In this fever for pastels, we can take advantage of the fact that stores have a wide variety of proposals in both pants and in American. I think it is the right time to use them because they are not so arranged by their colors but rather by the cut.

These three examples are from H & M. We can allow ourselves not to wear an American, but we can contrast it by wearing a tie. We can also use the opposite example, to offer a more formal image with the American but on this occasion we ignore the tie … Dare you with the pastels?

Ideas for a communion

On the subject of communion we are faced with a case very similar to baptism. Almost always they are going to be celebrated in the morning so we should be very aware of this to be able to choose our best styling. In this fever by the colors, we can dare, without being disapproved. “To the rich curry”, as our companion told us, or with other tones like mustard, garnet …

On this occasion we have gone to Zara, with the objective of not dying in the attempt (economic) when buying our look. For communions, and especially since all are done in the month of May where temperatures are already quite high, we will choose lighter fabrics such as linen.

Ideas for weddings
For the day

Wedding suits
As we commented at the beginning of the post, we have to start from the fact that we are going to bet on the average label. In spring and summer it is very common that weddings take place in the morning to take advantage of the day and the sun. For the day we will bet on the lighter colors, such as grays or different shades of blue. This range of proposals we have in Massimo Dutti.

For the night

Wedding Night

With the fall of the sun, darkness also comes to our costumes (or it should be like that). For a night wedding we must take care of all the details so that the set is perfect. Feel the tissues for flaps, take care of our grooming and above all, we choose the perfect size of jacket and trousers.
The proposals for a type of wedding at this hour of the day will go up a bit the price but there it will be ours it was worth it like that

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