The new trends

30 July, 2018 | By bestwedding | 0 Comments

2018 arrived and with it all the new trends that we should not miss for anything in the world on our big day. From decoration, to gifts; we must be aware of what this new year has already left behind and focus on what the world of weddings is asking us today. We’re dying to see all those weddings in trend! corporate events barcelona

Goodbye to the typical boring drinks! It is time for the bride and groom to get creative and seek the help of a mixologist or barista to use their favorite ingredients and create their own signature drinks that reflect their personality.

Not only does this go for alcoholic beverages, there will always be those guests who do not drink alcohol and do not want them to feel left out when they have a boring taste in their mouths. Create a unique drink that stays in your memory and remember those flavors can only think of that great day.


2. Destination weddings that enhance the local culture
If you have already invested all your time and energy in having a destination wedding, then take advantage of all the resources that the region offers you. Do not choose destiny just to get away and change the scenario. Serve their typical food, dance traditional music and use their crafts as decoration. Immerse yourself in the culture of the place and ask the people there what is typical of a wedding and implement it to your day, always with the due respect it deserves.

3. Custom floral design
There are thousands of ways to use flowers in a personalized way, in your bouquet, at the tables, at the altar. Do not cling to having the same typical centerpiece in each of them. There are some venues that offer the same generic decoration as always to decorate your day, but it’s time for the flowers to speak about you too. Dare to choose elements out of the ordinary and choose a florist that suits your style and needs, you will be amazed at the magic they can do with what nature offers, not all weddings have to look the same .

4. Small bridal courts

It is no longer necessary to have a bridal court the size of a classroom, in any case the most special people for you will already be present on your wedding day. The people in your nuptial court should be people who know that they can truly commit to be a support and to play an important role throughout the process, not just on your wedding day. So, your company, far from being a stress, should be a relief. Focus on a maximum of 5 or 6 people that you and your partner can trust fully and place their total trust in them.

5. Indoors Weddings

Indoor weddings are definitely having their comeback. Do not think only about the typical wedding hall, visualize all those places that have the potential to celebrate your day. Museums, cafes, wine cellars, breweries, antique shops, or how about a warehouse to make a wedding with an industrial touch? There is an endless number of places full of personality that are increasingly being given more and more to make a wedding as colorful and different from all the others.


6. The color of the year Ultra Violet

Something that we can not deny that marks trend year after year, is the color that Pantone is responsible for naming the color of the year. This time it is about the mentioned Ultra Violet, which not only brings to mind that great song of U2, but it is also a color that is responsible for filling flower weddings again and combined in the right way it can shine .

A color full of mystery and mysticism that takes us back to the great rock legends like Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix, personalities that we surely want to reflect on our special day.


7. Accents in black and dark colors

The perfect combination to fully exploit the ultra violet. In flowers, decoration, stationery, cake, accessories and even in your dress. We must learn to lose the fear of black color at weddings, it can be the ideal complement to create a palette of dream colors and give that special and alternative touch to your big day.


8. Bridal dresses with bold designs

Your wedding is the moment you’ve always been waiting to make a total fashion statement. So forget about wearing a simple and boring dress that you’ve already seen everywhere and dare to give that different touch to your look. Transparencies, fabrics, fringes, piece